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Aircraft Ground Power Unit

Aircraft Ground  Power Unit
As technology has advanced in the aviation field, there have been many changes made.  Due to the increase of airlines taking off and landing, noise has become a major issue along with fuel costs and emissions being emitted. Therefore, some rules and regulations have taken place to address this issue.

When an aircraft lands, it parks into an area where it is met by a truck of some sort.  The engines of the plane shut down and the plane is hooked up to this truck that is called an aircraft ground power unit. What this aircraft ground power unit does is supply power to the aircraft that is parked on the ground.  This in turn means that the engines to the plane are turned off and thus the noise is eliminated. Which leads to the question, Why use an aircraft ground power unit?  All aircraft requires 28 volts of direct current along with 110V 400 Hz of alternating current.  The aircraft ground power unit has a generator that carries this electric energy to a connection on the aircraft by using a thick cable.  Therefore, the aircraft is being powered while it is on the ground by using the aircraft ground power unit.  The noise is eliminated along with saving fuel costs and dispersing any type of emissions.   Aircraft ground power units are available in mobile or plug in styles.

There are several applications that use aircraft ground power units such as military, civilian, etc.  There are mobile and plug in aircraft ground power units available on the market today.  It depends on how big the aircraft is and where the aircraft is landing, as to which aircraft ground power unit to use.

And aircraft ground power unit is also sometimes called a frequency converter.  Frequency Converters are used for aerospace or aircraft to keep planes powered up when on the ground in aircraft ground power units.  They will always have 400 Hz frequency power as that is what an aircraft uses.

Military aircraft will use an aircraft ground power unit.

A good quality company to look for when searching for an aircraft ground power unit, is TEMCo.  This company has many years of experience in larger industrial power solutions.  TEMCo has highly trained engineers that can design and implement any application of a good quality aircraft ground power unit that is desired.  

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